Lava and Dragon Blood Jasper bracelet


Dragon's Blood (or Dragon Skin) Jasper gemstones are paired with black lava in this lovely bracelet. The gemstone beads are each only 6mm so this is eye catching but also dainty. This pairs beautifully with just about anything and looks fabulous layered with other bracelets to make a bolder statement. It can also be used to diffuse essential oils when they are placed on the lava stones.*

Dragon's Blood Jasper is an ancient and honored stone said to stimulates creativity, attract wealth and love, while helping you achieve your goals.

Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone, strengthening our connection to mother earth while balancing emotions and bringing calming strength. It is also an energy stone and is know for helping with rebirth and renewal.

Many cultures believe that removing lava from the source is both bad luck and disrespectful (Iceland and Hawaii). My stones are sourced from areas that have an abundance of lava and no cultural taboos about its removal. Ours comes from Spain, Colorado and South America.

Choose between extra small(6.5), small (7"), medium (7 1/2"approx) or large (7 3/4" approx). The most popular size is the medium, while the large is great if you like your bracelets to hang more loosely. The small is perfect for fine wrists and teens or if you are like me and just like a snug fit. Each bracelet is strung on durable jewelry elastic.

*How to infuse your lava rock jewelry with essential oil
Apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock beads and pendants. For smaller beads, gently rub 1-2 drops of essential oil between fingers and apply.

Lava rock beads are naturally porous, soaking up essential oil and gently diffusing the scent with the help of your body heat. Enjoy 2-5 days of aromatherapy and reapply oil as desired.

Special Note:
Every lava bead is as unique as a fingerprint- the porous nature of genuine lava stones creates patterns of tiny ‘craters’ on each bead. Lava pendants and beads will inevitably vary from the photo in stone shape, crater size, and pattern.

✦ DETAILS . . .

- Handmade with love
- 6.5, 7, 7.5 or 8 inches long
- Natural lava stone and dragon blood jasper beads
- Durable jeweler's elastic

✦ All orders come beautifully packaged in a Graystone silver craft jewelry box with a bow, perfect for gift giving or as a treat to yourself!


✦ QUALITY . . .

Gold filled components contain 100+ times more real gold than gold plated components and are very durable and tarnish resistant. Gold filled jewelry is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold, and can be worn by people with sensitive skin.

All silver components are sterling silver.

I have handpicked all of the gemstones in my shop. There may be some slight color variations due to the nature of the materials but they are all lovely and unique.


Looking for something special? I would love to help... Send me a convo/note and I will be glad to design something with you.

Thanks for Looking!


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